where did she go.

where did she go?

living life like a dream, days and weeks blurring together, making no sense. one thing after another going wrong. maybe reality isn’t that fun? and this dream is. or maybe this dream is tolerable and easier. easy seems to be the key. that’s the way to go about anything. always pick the easier option without actually doing work. constant headaches. nothing seems to make sense; but no longer question the oddity of this life. people come and go. friendship is meaning less and less and the image of lifelong friendship is losing its appeal. no motivation. no motivation. no reason to prosper. to hope or optimism. letting oneself go physically. food is comfort and dreaming is life. this daydream, this blur, is now life.  burning through oneself’s moral fiber making decisions without any boundaries. living day to day, never thinking of the future. everything is losing its shimmer. everyone is losing their shimmer. things become dull and colorless. losing faith in mankind. actually, no faith in mankind. sleeping alone at night is suddenly becoming preferred. no hope. not knowing how to put onself in category or describe oneself. losing sight of the person entirely. tough skin. very tough skin. the sun is running out of sunshine. luck is running out. lost joy in joyful activities. who is this?

what happened to the other one?

and where did she go?


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